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  • Do not make heavy appointments on the same day. Take the chance to jhill and give your body the possibility to regenerate. Do not forget that every little tattoo means a challenge for your body. Rest!

  • Do not do sports for at least two weeks. For sure moving is not a problem in general, walking for instance is fine.

  • I will cover your tattoo with a self-adhesive, transparent plaster. Especially for the first day it is important to protect it from external factors. As the plaster promotes wound healing, you can wear it for maximum five days. Please watch out that wearing it feels totally convenient, otherwise remove it! 

  • After removing the plaster you can lightly clean the tattoo with lukewarm water or a wound spray.

  • - Do not wash the tattooed skin with soup. Green soup can be used, but is not necessary. 

  • Do not scrub!

  • - Watch out that your fresh tattoo is always moistened, hold on to make the skin as smooooth as possible. I recommend creaming a fresh tattoo minimum two times daily for the first days. Every skin is different, every part of one body has different skin and tattoos variate in size and colouring. Just honestly keep care of your fresh tat and you will find the right balance. Overcreaming should be avoided as it can cause pimples and even change lines of the tattoo.

  • For creaming I recommend a cream with Depanthenol inside. I can tell you which products I prefer. 

  • Feel warmly welcomed to ask me if there is any question left.

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