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no riscs. just fun, 2021. 



Honestly, I think the German law could still be stronger about the ingredients of tattoo colours.

Past years there have been plenty cases about ink produced in Germany containing nickel and other substances that are linked to cancer.

There are even tattoo colours from leading brands containing heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or iron oxide.

That is why it is not enough for me, if colours are in conformity with the German Tattoo Regulation or the European Resolution ResAP (2008) 1.

I only buy colours if I know the whole list of ingredient is 100 % clean,

only consist of organic pigments and is vegan.


Most of the times I am tattooing only with shades of black and grey, but I am open about using other colours and I do have experience with that. What I like the most is to use colours for setting highlights.

Feel free to ask me about anything variegated!

.examples for colour-highlights.

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