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selection of VISION-series


It is deepness

I see.

It is deepness

you feel.

VISION I, 2020. 


The eye is my oldest motive, I have drawn it literally since I am drawing.

Visual experience is as divers as the patterns of the iris. One will never be able to see the world with exactly the same gaze as someone else does.

But we can try to open our inner eye for that and connect with others through our eyes.

Feel free to ask for your personal eye-sketch.
It even can be your own eyes or those of a person you like. An eye can be a very special partner tattoo...

possible visions

We tend to glorify visual perception and rarely question our perspective.

We should!!

Let us be critic on that and for instance learn from blind persons.

An eye-tattoo can remind you on that as well.

more Eyes 

Click on an image if you want a closer look.

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