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selection of hair-series, 2020. 


Hair is identity. 

It is literally connected to ones roots.

Hair is intimate. 

It should be treated respectfully, especially if it is someone else hair.

withoutanyhelp, 2021.

tattooed my own arm.

HAIR I, 2020. 


"HAIR I" was published in an exhibition by amnesty in December 2020. It was against the violence of women:


The series of afros reminds me of Cassiopeia. From age 3 to 6, we lived the days together.

She was my sister, my mother was her nanny.

Cassiopeia has Nigerian roots. I exactly remember, how sometimes we were sitting in front of each other, mirroring and analyzing each other. We studied or bodies without being judgmental a single time.

Jealousy or any hint of hierarchy was not existing.

We loved the other side of the mirror, with every hair.

I loved Cassiopeias hair.


It was already years later, our ways had been separated,

when I came to know which statement Cassiopedia was wearing on her head.


In colonialism, the afro was defamed as a symbol of imperfection, primitiveness and inferiority. Slaves were often forbidden to grow their hair - their roots were taken away.

Even today most wearers of afro-styles experience violence against their hair. Already feeling an unknown hand touching your head can be painful.


Hair is intimate. It creates identity. Hair can symbolize resistance.

The series of afro hair-flashes is for a community, that wants to create awareness for that gorgegous splendid head of hair and its meaning.

hair v, 2021. 
Photo taken directly (!) after tattooing, so skin appears irritated. | Placed between ridge and hip.

HAIR VI, 2020. 

1 week after tattooing, skin is still healing.


more hairy looks

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