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shut down, 2019.

shut down racism and white supremacy, 2021.


For this anti-racist section I created slogans, images and I assorted names.

The handwritings in flashes based on text are variable.

5 % of every tattoo price will go to anti-racist projects realized by the NGO GÄNG e.V..

That does not boost the price at all.



I assorted names of people, who where brutally killed for racist reasons worldwide.
It is woeful too tell: The ones you can read here are just a tiny part of a non-comprehensive list.* 

All different kinds of material and non-material resources in this world are distributed extremely unequally.

In order to maintain imbalance, differences are highlighted and artificially ordered:
Lives and their authorization are hierarchized.

The competition-based system of capitalism has always thrived on racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and
other discriminatory ideologies.
Racially motivated acts are never isolated cases, but a logical result of how our world is structured -- something that can be changed, needs to be changed immediately.

On the list you will find names of people killed in terrorist shooting sprees by a far-right extremists, 
names of BIPoCs, who were recently murdered by police. 
As well you will find names of persons, whose lives were cut by the obnoxious Nazi regime.
Names of activists.

Names of Black sex workers, who were slain because of their skin tone and because they appeared to be transsexual or gender non-conforming.
A name is so much more than a symbol.
It is not important to know someone personally to stand up barely for their right to exist.
Wearing a name does not mean to glorify the holder.
There was a soul living under every skin.

A tattoo of the name of a murdered person for racial reason means
to erect a monument.
It means keeping those souls alive through ones own skin.
We can stop this list to grow
while letting a community grow
that shares a vision actively,
that strongly works on changing structures.

We all can stop this list to grow, with or without wearing a tattoo.

All tattoos of this section are collected in a gallery. If you get an anti-racist tattoo, you can leave a note to this book, your name or contact if you want to be connected with the community.
Obviously, I do not share that online. It is exclusively for the collective and will never be shown outside the studio.

.stop the list to grow, selection.

By now, I just collected those names. It is important for me to get in touch with the

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