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logo of the NGO GÄng e.v. 


You optimise your body. You optimise the world.

How nice can life be if we can invest time, thoughts and money to prettify our own bodies?

Let's not only embellish our skins, but this world. With every tattoo you donate 5 % of the price to our NGO GÄNG e.V. for marginalized children and adults in Leipzig and around. That does not boost the price at all!

If you like, I can keep you posted about the project you supported with your tattoo. 

Find more information about GÄNG e.V. here. 

Cover ups for scars resulting from operations because of gender reassignment surgery, breast cancer or similar get a discount of 30 %.

Prices for tattoos depend on size, complexity and similar parameters. That is why you won't find any price list on my side. You can just ask me what your individual wish would cost. 

Before getting a tattoo you pay a little deposit, cause that makes it solid for both of us.

Guarantee on my work is for sure: if there should be any touch up necessary, it is surely free of charge.

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