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This section shows tattoos about coherence, solidarity, comradeship and political statements.

It is about agreements on action.

It is for building a community, that shares a vision.

Base for this is the critical analyse of the system we live in.

Not a single of the following categories can go without this.


Let's use our power.

Let's get our positions go under the skin.

There are different galleries for the following sections

(solidarity | LGBTQIA+ | anti-classism | class | abolitionism | mixed ability | mental health).

If you get a flash of any sub-category, you can decide, if a photo of your tattoo goes to the gallery. Besides you are welcomed to leave a note to this book, your name or contact if you want to be connected with the community.

Obviously, I do not share that online. It is exclusively for the collective.

The handwritings in flashes based on text are variable.


In some of the questions just end with points, because I use them as stylistic device.

Many of the flashes fit with several topics.

Categories are just created to keep this website structured - every section is a different way to come to the same goal anyway: the world we want to live in.



shut down, 2019.


5 % of every tattoo price will go to anti-racist projects realized by the NGO GÄNG e.V..

That does not boost the price at all.

This section is associated with thoughts I mentioned in other text tattoos,

especially those regarding solidarity and human rights.

Anti-racism can only work if you dont see it as an isolated fight.

The handwritings in flashes based on text are variable.



Who needs gender, 2020.


In this section you will find different stuff connected with queer discourses.



There is also a collection of ribbon sketches. Colour is additional here.
The ones presented can stand for several awareness ribbons, because only black ink is used, it is rather abut the form.

If you add pink colour, it is for breast cancer awareness, blue for freedom of speech and against discrimination and as you might know a red ribbon is for HIV/AIDS awareness. There is even one for polyamory.

Why officially showing awareness, solidarity and coherence only on one day in the year?!