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This section shows tattoos about coherence, solidarity, comradeship and political statements.

It is about agreements on action.

It is for building a community, that shares a vision.

Base for this is the critical analyse of the system we live in.

Not a single of the following categories can go without this.


Let's use our power.

Let's get our positions go under the skin.

There are different galleries for the following sections

(solidarity | LGBTQIA+ | anti-classism | class | abolitionism | mixed ability | mental health).

If you get a flash of any sub-category, you can decide, if a photo of your tattoo goes to the gallery. Besides you are welcomed to leave a note to this book, your name or contact if you want to be connected with the community.

Obviously, I do not share that online. It is exclusively for the collective.

The handwritings in flashes based on text are variable.


In some of the questions just end with points, because I use them as stylistic device.

Many of the flashes fit with several topics.

Categories are just created to keep this website structured - every section is a different way to come to the same goal anyway: the world we want to live in.



shut down, 2019.


5 % of every tattoo price will go to anti-racist projects realized by the NGO GÄNG e.V..

That does not boost the price at all.

This section is associated with thoughts I mentioned in other text tattoos,

especially those regarding solidarity and human rights.

Anti-racism can only work if you dont see it as an isolated fight.

The handwritings in flashes based on text are variable.