delicate | fineline | decent



conceptual | arm, leg & body sleeves

optical illusions | surreal | playing games with perspectives

mythical creatures | contemporary interpretation of art historical allegories

progressive | inclusive | community-building

questioning topics regarding society, solidarity & allyship
human rights-tattoos | anti-racism-tattoos

LGBTQAI+ | mixed ability | mental health

vegan, environmental friendly

tiny needles and a smooth but fast hand for less pain

support for social NGO-projects by GÄNG e.V. with every tattoo

A huge pleasure for me is to get to know someone's story and to draw something individual for this person. 

tattoos as medium for...to

elegancy & aesthetics


cover up


and create new

allyship with your own and other bodies

​taking position
​band together, unite, connect.

All the tattoos I am wearing are weather inked or drawn and placed by me and tattooed 1:1.