Amazon*in itsmybody, 2020. 

Moved from Berlin and opened a tattoo studio, which is...

interdisciplinary (read here what is meant by this)

based in Leipzig (DE)

vegan, environmental friendly

tiny needles and a smooth, but fast hand for less pain

I never do a tattoo exactly the same way two times (except friendship-tattoos). Sometimes variations are possible. Hit me up if you have an idea.

A huge pleasure for me is to get to know someone's story and to draw something individual for this person. 


All tattoo sketches are available.

"Customized Flash" means that I will adjust the images presented here to one‘s body and wishes.

A tattoo flash or sketch is the drawing of a tattoo on paper. If you choose one, we think about details like shading, size and a placement that fits perfectly to you.

You can also combine several flashes from different categories.

This website is totally new.

I am always grateful for your honest critic -- tell me if any text-size, oriantation or function does not work for you

and do not hestitate to ask questions about the content.