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The studio is lead by R. Electra Ehrenberg, who works interdisciplinary.
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.safer space.


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logo of the NGO GÄng e.v. 


.You beautify your body. You beautiy the world.

How nice can life be if we can invest time, thoughts and money to prettify our own bodies?

Let's not only embellish our skins, but this world.

With every tattoo you donate 5 % of the price to our social NGO GÄNG e.V. . That does not boost the price at all!

Find more information about GÄNG e.V. here. 




My studio is vegan and eco-friendly.
That means I am using vegan tattoo-colours and as less plastic or non-disposable products as possible. uses a printer with refillable tanks and an account at GLS Bank, the first social-ecological bank in Germany (anyway, it is a bank - might just be not worse as all the other).
I have a critical view on Paypal, but I am using it for my online shop, because it is the most convenient for customers.

It is important that we keep the level of our environmental impact at the lowest while tattooing.
Why to prettify ourselves if it does blemish the world around us?

Besides in my activism related work, I get together with organisations for environmental and animal rights.


04315 -- The studio is based close to Leipzig main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and Eisenbahnstraße.
The studio has an accessible entrance. Please let me know if you want to use it, so I can make sure it is opened.

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