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This text-based tattoos are realizable in almost every handwriting.
Above are just a view variations of my own.
While most of my tattoo flashes raise a claim to deep topics, this section rather sets reminders
for not taking daily life too serious.

 Hope you get the message right!

The points in the end and the beginning of a sentence are my signature style.

Hit me up if you wanna eternalize a sentence written by you or ask me for my list
(on this website only a few examples are published).

The flashes, signature style and ideas here are covered under copyright protection -- as everything on this website.

honey, 2020. 

some photos were taken directly (!) after tattooing, so skin is irritated.

vamos a la playa, 2020. 

Some photos were taken directly (!) after tattooing, so skin is irritated.

more Text tattoos 

... a little selection.

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