They are holy.


They are serious.
They are optimistic, full of hope as their praying hands show.
They are highly divers.
They are queer.
They are tasty, juicy, smooth.
They will always be

The MADONNAS do not only tell that feminity is gorgeous.
They tell that there is only fluid gender,
there are male, androgyn, inter- and trans-Vulva-Madonnas.
They tell that generosity, cheerfulness and positivity is on the side of strong characters.

As art historian I am reframing one of the most known icon in Christian art.
Every MADONNA has an own story.
Let me know yours and I create a customized one for you.
As you see below, different shadings, backgrounds like the sun etc. are possible.


Photo taken directly (!) after tattooing, so skin appears irritated. | Placed on foot. | More pix will follow if tattoo is finshed...


The Madonnas tell that there are no boarders,
but forgotten parts and
people -- read the following story if you want to find out more...

madonna NUKILIK IV, 2020.


Madonna Nukilik is pleased to salute you and tell you her story.
The name Nukilik is unisex, has its origins in Inuktitut,
the language of the Inuits and means "the one who is strong".

In the disgusting suppression of the Inuits by white supremacy, language plays a huge role:
Inuktitut was forbidden and they were even forced to give their children christian names.

Let's create awareness for endangered languages and suppression of indigenous people
by redefining the ikon of Madonna.

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Those vulva-tattoos are (sexy) sex-positive tattoos.

Free vagina, viva la vulva!