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Feel free to use the contact form to send any question, a simple message or even a booking request.

E-mails are warmly welcomed, too:

Down below you will find information about the booking process

and general information regarding the tattoo-session.

Approximate Size (if you are writing because you wish a tattoo)

 ! Thanks for submitting ! 


If you are considering getting a tattoo at,

you can contact me via the form above and send me a non-binding inquiry.

Feel free to ask any questions and leave empty fields if you don't know what to text.
I tattoo every motif you can find on my website and Instagram.

We always adapt the motif optimally to your body and your wishes.
Personalized text-tattoos are possible in any handwriting.

Once we have clarified everything necessary by email, we will arrange an appointment.

In advance I ask you for a small deposit, which will be offset against the later tattoo price.

Afterwards the appointment takes place, yay!

Tea and a fruits are on me in every tattoo session.

You will receive detailed information by mail about what you need to bring with you,

the exact address of the studio, etc.

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