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Amazon*innen-Gang I, 2020. 


The union of the AMAZON*INNEN is as strong as huge and diverse.

Every amazon is based on nonbinary, queer feminist thoughts, theory and art.

The picture above shows just a few characters of the non-stop growing series.

Amazon*in itsmybody, 2020. 


The Amazon*innen are Baba.

With greatest pride they unify progressive thinking, fighting spirit and elegance.

Under protective cyber-helmets appears fragility, vulnerability.


 The addition '*innen' is a German gender-inclusive form.

The Amazon*innen are hardly defined by their body shape or by their faces, their attributes are androgynous and futuristic.

In their sworn association, everyone is welcomed who is in the mood for keeping an endless eye level.
Who is ready to join the association?


Fresh tattoo after 3 days of healing.

AMAZON*IN toffa, 2020. 

This was the first tattoo I did.

characters from the AMAZON*INnen-collection

Type on an image if you'd like to take a closer look.

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