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Every body, every skin is individual and beautiful on its own.
The body concepts are perfect to highlight the elegancy of ones shape dynamically.
As all my tattoo flashes, body concepts are created for all body shapes and skin tones, period.
The tattoos function perfectly to cover scars as well.
I am telling that in almost every section, but in this one it is even more important to me:

There will be a tattoo concept perfectly adjusted to your body.
I am definitely a freak about creating highly detailed microcosms in a coherent overall unity.

What does body concept mean?

I define the term 'body concepts' to be motives, that can be placed as "single" tattoos, arm and leg sleeves... or repetitively on different parts of a body. Even a decent full body sleeve is possible.
The variety of size and placement is truly endless.

In my opinion full body concepts do not have to be big or cover a lot of skin.I understand it as a brilliant tool to link different parts of the body with more or less decent, repetitive forms. 

Forms, not catchable with the first gaze.
Different from every perspective.
Like you have to see the whole body to catch the full concept...


Choosing modified dolls as models is a parody and just to help imaginating possible placements.

Like the rest of this website, the idea is protected by copyright.

examples for placements

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